May 3, 2016

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	I have found that the more opposition
	and the more criticism that one gets,
	the more one has to perfect one's idea
	in putting it forward and half the joy in life
	consists in the fight and not in the
	subsequent success...

	I think you have got to be tough. I think you
	have got to express your opinions definitely
	and firmly but I don't say it follows that
	you're always right.

	You first do all your own thinking and then
	you find out what other people have thought
	and you will find generally that you have
	thought of something quite original that
	nobody had thought of before. And in a
	way you know, the less you know about the
	subject the better you are qualified to
	introduce original ideas.

	I think it's the essence of arriving at
	something new.

	Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

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